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Welcome to our website in this, my year as the Grand President of Grand Council. I look forward to meeting many old friends and making new ones too, we hope that what you see is both enjoyable and informative. Please check out the events page where we display photographs and news about past and forthcoming events. If you have any comments that may usefully help us to improve the content, then we would be pleased to hear from you. 

 The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes was believed to have been founded at a time during the sixteenth century when societies were frowned upon, indeed you could have lost your head. It is said that Queen Elizabeth the 1st, being satisfied that we were not a threat to either the monarchy or society in general, presented us with a Banner, which enabled us to meet without fear or favour, and to this day when ever a Lodge meets, politics and religion may not be discussed

                                  Bro R. Wilson R.O.H. Grand President 2013   


The Formation of Grand Council

In the early part of the nineteenth century a collective of Banners came together and met under the name of the 'Grand Surrey Council', for the purpose of working together and therefore being able to offer more to it's members, for example an Orphanage,  Convalescent Homes and other benefits.  The Grand Council was formed in 1923/4 from Banner Members of the Grand Surrey Council, incorporating the Grand Surrey Banner (Mother Banner), Grand Surrey Banner (Mother Lodge), Grand Midland Counties Banner, Royal Wiltshire Banner, Grand Sussex Banner, Grand Phoenix Banner, Grand Lodge of Canada, Grand Council of Africa, New Zealand, Belgium, Western Australia and Queensland.


Please think? Before you contact the General Secretary, is it really necessary. For instance, if you are making enquiries about your Father, Grandfather etc, have you looked at our Ancestry page. It could be more informative and also point you in the right direction.


If however you do wish to contact the General Secretary, please write to;


Bro G.T.Gurden R.O.H.  

The General Secretary,

Head Office.

10 Vine Road
PE25 3DB


Tel 01754 611199

Email Bro Geoff

              Contact the Webmaster Bro Dave Farley R.O.H. at  david.farley@blueyonder.co.uk                            




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