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Your Buffalo Ancestor Queries - a guide by

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Bro Geoff Gurden R.O.H. The General Secretary

So - Grandfather was in the Buffaloes, whatever that is, and you’ve

found some odd items in the attic and want to know more.....

Those items will most probably be one or more of the following:

1. Some sort of Medal.

Does it say “G.L.E.” like the one on the left, or

“Grand Council” (sometimes “G.C.”) like the one in the centre ?

Occasionally you will have a different set of initials, like the one on the right, which says “G.E.B.” but these are much less frequent.

These distinctions are important because they tell you who you should contact to pursue your research. (read further)

You should only contact the General Secretary of Grand Council ( contact details on the home page) if you have a Grand Council medal.


2. Items of Regalia; Sashes, Aprons and Cuffs.

As you can see, sashes do not always carry the above information. Their colour will tell you more. If a sash bears the letters “K.O.M.” then the Grand Council one will be blue as illustrated;  if it is red it is a G.L.E. sash. If the letters are “R.O.H.” then the Grand Council version is purple and the G.L.E. one pale blue. Aprons and cuffs carry the same colours. K.O.M. stands for Knight, Order of Merit and R.O.H. for Roll of Honour. The first mentioned is the Third and highest Degree in Buffaloism, but a further and even higher award of the Roll of Honour follows it.



3. Documents and certificates


Often there are Certificates, some large, some smaller, executed in many ways from elaborate to single coloured and relatively plain. The basic rule however still applies - somewhere it will state either “Grand Council” or “Grand Lodge of England” or “Grand Surrey Banner” or some title to guide you further. The one shown is a Grand Council Initiation Certificate. In the Grand Lodge of England this particular Certificate is known as a “Parchment” and in the Grand Council as an “Emblem”.

All of this is simply a beginning - an outline to guide your research. It does not pretend to be a comprehensive guide to every artefact that you may discover - but it may help you to save a few telephone calls to the wrong people. Above all, have fun, and good luck with your discoveries!





5. Some of the Banners (or Sections) and contact details.

Grand Council 01754 611199 gensec12@btinternet.com

Grand Lodge of England 01423 502438 hq@raobgle.org.uk

Grand Lodge of England Ltd. 02086 908550

Grand Middlesex Banner 02084 507381 threesharkeys@aol.com

Grand Surrey Banner 01214 261549 jeffhacker@b3222ju.freeserve.co.uk

Royal Kentish  01303 252695